How To Be Promoted To A Higher Classification

Orchard Lake Country Club has 4 Caddie Classifications.

They are:  Trainee, Class A, Captain, and Honor.

Every loop that you work provides the opportunity to earn points toward promotion.

The bottom of each caddie card has a rating section where the golfer can rate your performance.

The 4 ratings used are:

Excellent = 4 points

Good = 2 points

Average = 0 points

Poor = -2 points

Each loop, you will receive a rating, and the points that go with it.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your loops and points.

The Caddy Promotion Worksheet, available on the DOWNLOADS page of this website is the place to record your loops.  When you have earned enough points, you will turn the worksheet into Mr. Gilbert and request a promotion to a Higher Classification.

To move from a Trainee to a Class A-You must earn a total of 40 points. (Points carry over from year to year)

To move from a Class A to Captain-You must earn an additional 40 points after promotion to Class A.

Promotion to Honor is by the selection of Mr. Gilbert and the Caddie Committee.

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The Caddy Promotion worksheet is located on the DOWNLOADS PAGE.

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